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What is DTVKit?


DTVKit is dedicated to transforming our industry by positively changing the approach the industry takes to developing and maintaining the key, non differentiating software components necessary to implement a digital television receiver. DTVKit enables a shift away from proprietary royalty based models towards an open royalty free model. Whilst initially focused on software components supporting DVB based standards it is likely that over time this will be extended to other digital television standards, driven by the community's road map.


Members of DTVKit have full source code access to a broad range of components including DVB, HbbTV, CI Plus and MHEG. These can be used either to implement a receiver as a whole, or members can pick and choose from the components, integrating them into existing solutions, in the full knowledge that they are of the highest quality and will be maintained and developed through the collaborative process.

Since its Q1 2014 launch DTVKit provides its member base access to the following software components:

   - DVB Core

   - Multi region MHEG decoder

   - CI+ 1.3 stack*

   - Browser independent HbbTV 1.5 plugin

   - C Reference application

   - PC based Linux emulator

   - Test Suite



The software components are mature and have already been deployed in tens of millions of devices all over the world that guaranteed the V1.0 release from DTVKit was of commercial quality. This quality is maintained over time through a system of moderation and change control to ensure that DTVKit remains a reliable source of software in the long-term.

*Please note that you must be a CI+ licensee to have permission to access the CI+ software. This is free and we can assist you with the straightforward process if required.