Main Software Components

Android TV is one of our main software components

Android TV

The DTVKit Android solution integrates DVBCore with Android using the Android TV Input Framework (TIF). By using the TIF, manufacturers can provide a TV input source that new and existing apps, such as Live Channels, can use through a standard Android API. Integrating DTVKit with the Android TIF using the binder IPC, rather than via a proprietary mechanism, ensures compatibility with the Android architecture. It also enables OEMs to leverage features such as the AOSP TV reference application when developing their products. Click here to find out more about our Android TV solution...

DVB Core

DVB is the core of our software, it forms the strong foundations that allow us to continue to expand our solution, and enhance our software components regularly to ensure you are receiving the very best end product. Our solution has been crafted to DVB and DTG D-Book standards, and our code has been written in ANSI C programming language. DTVKit is compatible with the following DVB standards: DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and ISDB-T. Click here to find out more about our DVB solution...

CI Plus

CI Plus

CI Plus is a technical specification which adds additional features and security to the DVB Common Interface Standard. This specification allows for CI Plus compatible consumer electronic devices, such as the Integrated Digital Televisions and Set Top Boxes, access to a wide range of Pay TV Services via plug-in CI Plus Modules wherever the CI Plus Technology is supported by the local Pay TV Provider. 1.4 (access only to CI Plus licensees). Click here to find out more about CI Plus...


HbbTV is an industry standard and a global initiative committed to harmonising the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment services to customers through connected TV’s, set-top-boxes and multiscreen devices.  The HbbTV Association combines digital broadcasting and internet industry companies, HbbTV has established a standard for the delivery of broadcast TV and broadband TV to the home, through a single UI, resulting in an open platform as an alternative to proprietary technologies. Products and services using the HbbTV standard can operate over different broadcasting technologies, such as satellite, cable, or terrestrial networks. Click here to find out more about HbbTV...

MHEG 1.06


MHEG is license free and a public standard for interactive TV middleware which is used both to send and receive interactive television signals. MHEG also allows for a wide range of TV-centric interactive services to be deployed. MHEG’s goal is to provide a simple framework for multimedia applications using minimum system resources. MHEG has a variety of applications including CD-ROM based encyclopaedias, interactive books for learning, video advertising news on demand systems and interactive home shopping. Click here to find out more about our MHEG solution...


DTVKit’s market-proven DVB stack has been integrated into the RDK framework by Ocean Blue Software, providing users with a complete hybrid solution for Operators and set-top box makers. The first stage integration will run RDK with DVBCore integrated, decoding and displaying content using a Satellite (DVB-S) tuner. RDK is multi-standard and compatible with the following standards DVB-S/S2, T/T2, C.

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