Android TV

The DTVKit DVB stack has been integrated with the Android TV Input Framework (TIF). This enables manufacturers to offer traditional broadcast content together with the wide range of Apps and IP services supported by Android today. The integration is compatible with all versions of Android that support the TIF and enables manufacturers to leverage the standard features of Android when developing their product. 


Our Android TV solution is compatible with Pie, Oreo and Nougat




Our solution runs on satellite, terrestrial and cable




Android TV Chipset




Android TV Features

The DTVKit Android integration supports zapper level functionality, which can be easily demonstrated using the standard Android Live Channels App. The following features are supported via the App:

A feature of this product includes a TV scan

DVB Automatic Scan

A feature of our solution is EPG

Full EPG with program information

A feature of our solution is subtitles

Subtitles On/Off

A feature of our solution is audio selection

Audio track selection

A feature of our solution is the channel can be changed

Channel Up/Down, tune to service

A feature of our solution is parental control

Parental Control

Android TV Infrastructure

The TV Provider is Google’s internal channel database and maps channel data from the available inputs to its internal canonical representation. The TV app is a reference app that presents live TV to the user. It can be used, modified, extended, or replaced by a manufacturer.

This diagram shows the infrastructure of Android TV

Android TV Framework

The Android TV Input Framework (TIF), is a part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and provides a mechanism to integrate 3rd party TV services with Android. To integrate DTVKit’s DVB stack with the TIF, DTVKit support member, Ocean Blue Software, developed a high-level interface API which enables the DVB stack to be presented as a service within Android via the Binder IPC mechanism. Use of Binder ensures that the DTVKit integration is compatible with Android’s security architecture, and also means the integration should work with future releases of Android as long as TIF support is maintained.

These images show the UI of the DTVKit Android TV solution


Our Android TV solution has a series of benefits, that can save you time, money and resources. This gives you the opportunity to focus on giving your customers the best end product, and giving you a competitive advantage against your competitors.

Our software gives you access to a current Android TV solution


We give you access to the latest Android solution - we are committed to keeping our software up to date with the latest Android versions.

Our support members can provide you with full Android TV support


Our support members Ocean Blue Software can support you; we have a variety of support package options to ensure that the needs of your business are met. 

DTVKit members get access to unlimited source code access

Unlimited Source Code

Once you become a DTVKit member, you get unlimited use of the source code, and you are free to use it how you like*. 

*Rights to distribution vary, please see T&C’s

Our Android TV solution is customisation


One of the key benefits of Android TV is that it is easily customisable, meaning that you can adapt this solution to meet the needs of your consumers. 

Our software operates a royalty free model

Royalty Free

We operate a royalty-free business model; our members can benefit from a simple fee structure.

Android TV is the future

The Future

We believe that Android TV is the future. By joining DTVKit, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors. Get on this trend before they do!

If you would like to know more about our Android TV solution, and how DTVKit can benefit your company, please click here.