CI Plus

CI Plus is one of DTVKit's main software components

CI Plus is a technical specification that adds further security and features to the proven DVB Common Interface Standard (DVB-CI). This specification allows for the secure delivery of Pay-TV services to CI-Plus compatible CE devices; this includes set-top-boxes and Integrated Digital TV's (IDTV's).  In March 2018 we upgraded to version 1.4 ECP, this update offers users increased levels of security and robustness for the protection of premium UHD content. 


CI Plus has a host of features that provide users with a variety of benefits. Users can take advantage of better levels of support for a range of IPTV And OTT services. Version 1.4 ensured that multi-stream handling was improved. This current specification means users have increased levels of security and encryption for the protection of UHD content. The CI Plus browser provides support for MHEG-5 applications that are running on a CI Plus host. The CI interconnects a CAM and digital TV receiver to enable any encryption system to be used in the receiver.

CI Plus 1.4 has an improved multi-stream handling

Improved Multi-Stream Handling

Features of CI Plus include security

Security and Encryption

CI Plus has its very own browser

CI Plus Browser

Better support for IPTV and OTT services

Better Support for OTT & IPTV Services

CI Plus offers the protection of UHD content

Protection of Premium UHD Content

A feature of CI Plus is a cam and digital receiver

Interconnects a CAM and Digital TV Receiver 

CI Plus Infrastructure

This diagram shows the infrastructure of CI Plus


CI Plus builds on the foundations of the DVBCore. This specification has a variety of benefits that result in the secure delivery of Pay TV. 

CI Plus uses encryption


This adds an extra layer of security to ensure that data and information is kept safe and secure. 

Features of CI Plus include security


CI Plus offers increased levels of security to the DVB common interface standard. Resulting in peace of mind for you and your end user. 

CI Plus offers users a variety of benefits which includes lower costs

Lower Costs for Operators

The CI Plus specification allows for consumers to spend less money on securing their devices, therefore they can invest in other areas.

If you would like to know more about our CI Plus, and how DTVKit can benefit your company, please click here.