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The Architecture

DTVKit is designed to be split into several different components. At the moment DTVKit contains the following components:


The first component which we will deal with is the application, see below on how it fits with the other components:

The application which we provide is for test purposes and it contains components that are required to exercise some of the other components. It contains the following:

  • QT Browser - This contains a glue to enable a QT browser to be plugged into the application.
  • HW Abstraction Layer (Linux) - This contains the source of a Linux port.
  • User Interface - The user interface contains the following:-
    • Screens - These are screens sc_*.c/h which are used as a UI for the DVBCore so that the DVBCore/HbbTV can be exercised. These screens are a generic implementation and are mainly used for testing. They communicate with the UI engine when something is required to be displayed to the User.
    • UI Engine - This contains a UI Engine for displaying a full set top box graphical User Interface.
    • Font - This contains a interface to the Freetype font library and API to the UI Engine.


See the below diagram for a breakdown of the DVBCore:

The DVBCore contains the following components:

  • DVB - Full Digital Video Broadcast midware module.
  • Database - Full database module for RAM, NVM databases.
  • CA - Conditional Access glue layer.
  • CI - Contains CI+ Glue layer.
  • Media - Contains glue for jpeg and png Libraries.
  • OTA - Contains glue for Over the Air download.


See below diagram for a breakdown of HbbTV:

The HbbTV component contains the following:

  • NPAPI Plugin - HbbTV Browser plugin using NPAPI.
  • HBBTV Engine - Full HbbTV 1.2.1 compliant engine

The NPAPI currently has 1 call to the Application.


See below diagram for breakdown of MHEG5 with its relationships:


See below DSMCC's relationship with the other components:

The DSMCC has 2 way communications with all other components.

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