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Is the Android project tracked in the bug tracking system?

A new Project has been created in Mantis called Android. This is a generic Android project which covers the current Android repositories:

  • android-rpcservice
  • android-inputsource

When a bug is created in mantis for this project, please state which repositorie(s) the bug/task refers.

I hope to see DVB Stack work with app. The problem is that I cannot create APK file with the below source, compile error is occurring. Do you provide an APK made from this source code? Is there a way to check it?

The link you are referring to ( is the standard TV app from Google. You should build the input source app from ( instead. There is no link to the source because we use TIF.

I'd like to know the API list which is supported by DVB Stack

We use TIF so the APIs are abstracted away. If you want to see what API's are used in the RPC layer then these should be available as a Doxygen file.


Are there any supporting documentation detailing the support of SSU within DVBCore and the usage of the various API’s?

Simple profile DVB SSU is supported natively in DTVKit (i.e. there’s no need for an external third party module), so it’s able to both detect the presence of an OTA and also download it.


How do you change the splash screen?

You need to run the following script to regenerate source file where the images are converted into arrays (ui/screens/src/graphdat.c, generated using the instructions in ui/screens/inc/graphdat.h):

#!/bin/bash DTVKIT_APP_ROOT=${PWD} #Edit this to point to the App directory GRAPHDAT_H=${DTVKIT_APP_ROOT}/ui/screens/inc/graphdat.h GRAPHDAT_C=${DTVKIT_APP_ROOT}/ui/screens/src/graphdat.c #cp ${GRAPHDAT_H} ${GRAPHDAT_H}.bk #mv ${GRAPHDAT_C} ${GRAPHDAT_C}.bk cd ${DTVKIT_APP_ROOT}/tools/GraphDat/CmdLineTool/bin ${DTVKIT_APP_ROOT}/tools/GraphDat/CmdLineTool/bin/gdat -a -32 ${GRAPHDAT_H} ${GRAPHDAT_C}


Which version of teletext and teletext-subtitle is supported?

The decoder supports level 1.5

Is there any product that we can buy in market, which includes DTVKit provided source code?

DTVKit Members are not required to report any shipments, so we do not know who is shipping products into which country.

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