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Mantis - Upstreaming


Mantis is the tool we use for upstreaming changes to DTVKit. You will receive access to this when you join DTVKit.

If you would like to receive email notifications from Mantis, you will need to enable these within the Preferences tab within your Account Settings:

Select 'Update Prefs' at the bottom to save your changes.

GitHub - Source Code Repositories


We use GitHub to store and maintain our software repositories. If a company is a member of DTVKit, each staff member who requires access to the DTVKit repositories must have their own individual GitHub account. Company accounts are not allowed.

If you would like to receive notifications from GitHub, you will need to watch the repositories you are interested in. Go to the Repo, and highlight over 'Watch', then select 'Watching' to be notified of any changes that happen for this repositories. Repeat for the other repo's.

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